NEOOTO has a singular focus and passion for automobiles and everything you can find under the hood. We manufacture FF type 6 speed automatic transmission parts, 7 speed dual-clutch transmission parts, and continuously variable transmission parts. What separates us from our competitors is that we deliver dependability to our customers. We create quality products, ensure cost-effective pricing, and transport on-time to all destinations. We continue to innovate and always look for better and faster ways to increase production, reduce costs, and maintain the highest quality level of components. We have a passion for the work that we do and we take great pride in the entire process from the original concept to the showroom display. NEOOTO is a global leader because our customers know who we are, what we do, and why we will continue to deliver the best global services and solutions in the future.

Overview of Our Services


NEOOTO manufactures FF type 6 speed automatic transmission parts, 7 speed dual-clutch transmission parts, and continuously variable transmission parts. Production is the cornerstone of NEOOTO and our control and compliance processes are second to none in the marketplace. We know the requirements for perfection and we deliver on them better than the competition. We understand the importance of every differential gear assembly to drive the power from the driveshaft to the wheels and split the torque to each wheel. We deliver parts that push people and organizations forward to success.


NEOOTO enables efficient and custom fabrication of all sized parts through the integration of our skilled production team with our unique innovative experience. All of our turning and machining processing is performed in-house which gives us the ability to control all facets of prototype production through to completion of the final product. Our years of experience have given us the tools to create any part according to your feature and function specification. Our dedicated team is always pushing the bounds of innovation to give our customers exactly what they want now and know what they need in the future.


We deploy cutting-edge inspection and error-proof systems for each individual process and guarantee perfect quality with comprehensive backlash & air leak tests. Forging shapes auto parts through pressure, which is more economical than cutting because less metal is lost in the process. NEOOTO use the finest raw materials to ensure the best quality products. In designing and modeling, we maintain complete control at every stage of the forging cycle. Raw material selection, die development, and all forging processes go through rigorous prototype and parts batch inspections. We check dimensional accuracy and metallurgical soundness at every stage to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.