Research and Development

The future of NEOOTO’s Korean and global customers will always be in good hands thanks to our Technical Research Institute which clearly identifies and develops products for our valued clients including ongoing oversight of their individual needs. Our experienced R&D department provides seamless and multifaceted support from cost and process management to technology. Our focus is continually on improving optimal machining for precision processing. Our tooling and tool-life study always seek to reduce costs and improve fuel efficiency by taking advantage of out research on miniaturization and lightness or products. the final piece to this well thought-out puzzle is verifying reliability and durability through stringent testing to guarantee peak performance.

Current R&D Project

Two Speed Transmission Parts for Electric Vehicles - DUAL BRAKE TYPE

NEOOTO is developping Dual Speed Transmission Parts for Electric Vehicles such as Career Gear, Motor Power Input & Output, 1st & 2nd Planetary Gear Sets, Input Planetary Gear Set,  1st & 2nd Brake Shafts, Differential Drive Gears and Differential Assembly using our proprietary technology. The goal of this project is to provide simpler, light weight, shift efficiency and battery efficiency improvement.

By 2021, NEOOTO sets a goal to commercialize these products in the market to position an industry leader in the Electric Vechicle industry.

Two Speed Transmission Parts for Electric Vehicles - SYNC. TYPE

NEOOTO is developing a two speed transmission for 15kW small Electric Vehicles. This cost effective, compact and  light weight product will perform high efficiency to meet the future Electric Vehicle trends and needs.

Reducer for Electric Vehicles

NEOOTO is developing a proprietary 14kW miniature electric vehicle reducer. This product is a perfect application for smaller electric vehicles and will provide excellent reducing capability.

Precision Fabrication Technology Development

Developing high-quality, dependable precision fabrication tools, such as gear grinding and honing machines is achieved through our  proven Precision Fabrication Technology. Highlighted in the final stage of this process is NEOOTO’s unique installed inspection device, which all but eliminates any chance of malfunctions or bad spills when the machines are completed for customers.

Unique Tooling Development

Our trend-setting tooling development features KISSsoft gear and system design, Abaqus structural analysis of all mechanical elements and dynamometer testing to examine the performance/endurance of the reducers/transmissions we manufacture.

New Design Development

NEOOTO’s highly-regarded development team has patented the new shape of the impeller structure with impressive results. It expertly secures the rigidity, durability, lubricity, and abrasion resistance of the differential case by using aluminum alloy. Our highly-trained designers are constantly formulating new designs for the eventual application on multiple models. This includes innovative designing of reducers and transmission systems for use on an array of electric vehicles.

Material Endurance Improvement

Our goal is to continually improve the mechanical performance of the differential case. We are constantly studying various alloy materials as well as diverse casting methods and hot and cold forging.