NEOOTO is a global transmission parts manufacturer who produces gears, shafts, carriers, pistons, clutches, and pulleys to global companies and provides our clients the satisfaction BECAUSE…

NEOOTO has a successful proven track record supplying transmission parts to the industry giants.

Our success begins with our state-of-the-art facilities which deliver the highest quality OEM auto parts on your timeline because we enforce strict quality control measures in the areas of development, inventory, order management, and transportation. Through our in-house forging and turning services, we create unique customizations to any specifications and we ensure quality and compliance as a company standard. We are the best because we put our customers first.

NEOOTO has a mass production capability.

Boasting global production and storage capability, NEOOTO has five plants in Korea alone, as well as one in Vietnam and one warehouse each in both India and Czech Republic.

NEOOTO offers product manufacturing as well as forging and turning productions all under one roof.

NEOOTO, thanks to its parent company OTO Industry, has the unique capability of offering all product manufacturing, including forging under one large umbrella.

NEOOTO meets any stringent customer requirement.

With our customers always in mind, we will meet any demanding requirements and guidelines necessary.

NEOOTO’s automated productions are streamlined to produce quality products faster and with lower defect rates.

Our goal pursues the zero-defect implementing automated productions and through inspection to meet the best customer satisfaction.

NEOOTO provides Statistical Defect Analysis to pin point defects.

Our proven Statistical Defect Analysis guarantees the quick pinpointing of defects.